Many Options One Good Choice



September 13, 2019
These days it seems that everyone is pitching their ability to perfect your child’s smile; it seems as though there are many options and many price points. At Morrone, Kaye and Yucha Orthodontics we believe there is just one good choice - a licensed orthodontic practice. You may wonder why it is important to see a licensed orthodontist. Below are a few important things to consider:

Orthodontists and their office team are specialists.

After their dental school education, orthodontists devote an additional 2-3 years to the study of only orthodontics. While in this program, we study not only tooth movement, but also jaw growth and ways to use growth to change misaligned jaws. At Morrone, Kaye and Yucha Orthodontics, our clinical staff are also trained professionals, required to be certified and registered in the State of New Jersey.

Our team practices orthodontics exclusively. We focus our continuing education on orthodontics and see hundreds of patients per month. We are uniquely positioned to use our knowledge and skills to help you get the best possible result.

X-Rays and Scans are Important

Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong. Without looking at the full jaw in order to ascertain bite issues, your aligners or braces could cause a whole host of long term oral health issues. At Morrone Kaye & Yucha Orthodontics, we take X-Rays one step further with our 3D Imaging. Nothing gets missed here. .

Make sure there’s a human on the other end of your treatment

While purchasing aligners online may seem like a simple, low cost solution to orthodontics, you don’t know who is monitoring your treatment. When you receive orthodontic treatment with an orthodontist your treatment plan is monitored closely with regular office visits. We take care to make sure your smile is moving in the right direction and can address any issues that may come up. Plus, we are a super fun office and love getting to know our patients.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

As orthodontists, we are well versed in all the different treatment materials, methods, and techniques to ensure your smile is both aesthetically pleasing and healthy. Each of our patients is unique and we’ll make sure you get the treatment plan best for you as an individual.

You don’t need a referral

Did you know that you don’t need a referral from a pediatrician or dentist in order to see an orthodontist? In fact, at Morrone, Kaye and Yucha Orthodontics we offer a complimentary (FREE!) consultation - no pressure, just information - for you or your child.

There may be many options when it comes to straightening your child’s teeth - but seeing an orthodontist is the good choice.

Contact us for a complimentary in-person consultation. Our friendly team is waiting to answer any of your questions and start you or your child on a path to a gorgeous smile.

Call us at 856-234-4044 (Moorestown), 609-267-1221 (Mount Holly), or click the button below. We look forward to meeting you!