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April 30, 2021
We are thrilled to have been featured in Suburban Family Magazine! As a practice that cares deeply about our community - and one that's been around for nearly 25 years - we're delighted to be highlighted as a practice that "puts the time and effort into patient safety, education, and support.
Care You Can See -
Morrone, Kaye & Yucha Orthodontics puts the time and effort into patient safety,
education and support.
by Erica Young


The team at Morrone, Kaye & Yucha understands that and has the experience needed to provide safety and comfort to their patients. Dr. Mary Beth Morrone and Dr. Richard Kaye are husband-and-wife duo who took over their practice in 1995. Dr. Ben Yucha joined the practice two years ago, rounding out a leadership team that operates two South Jersey offices, one in Moorestown and another in MountHolly. The doctors split up their office hours between offices, ensuring that patients can receive their attention in each location. Photograph by Alison Dunlap

Forward motion

That has been more important than ever in 2020, as COVID-19 safety precautions has changed the way all businesses operate. Dr. Kaye says that their unique setup has allowed them to provide an even safer setting for patients.“Having two offices means that we are able to spread patients out in a more socially distanced setting without disrupting patient schedules,” explains Dr. Kaye. Morrone, Kaye & Yucha have always had the staff to sanitize between patients, and additional staff to clean the buildings after hours. They now have also replaced all of the carpeting in their treatment bays with more sanitary hardwood floors. They also installed additional filtration into their braces removal room and specialty air cleaning devices in the air ducts. “This new technology kills viral and bacterial particles in the air with a two-step process that first uses UV light followed by increased filtration,” says Dr. Morrone.

Invested in tomorrow

Technology goes beyond their office design, as Morrone, Kaye & Yucha invested in Rhinogram technology to help patients and their families navigate the safety procedures around COVID-19. Rhinogram is an app that allows patients to be fully tech-enabled from the minute they pull up to the office. Patients use the app to text the office when they are at the door. Parents wait inside the comfort of their car before appointments, and the doctors are able to connect through the app for consultations.“Digital care is an important part of our patient innovation program,” explains Dr.Yucha. “People can go onto our website and submit photos for virtual consultations, fill out forms or request appointments. We talk with patients and can check in via Zoom, so they can make their experience easier and more digital.” Dr. Kaye’s own technologies have revolutionized the world of Invisalign, which he says make up around 50 percent of patients today. Kaye helped design, trademark and patent Precision Aligner Buttons, a bondable button for aligners that corrects bite issues in Invisalign patients.

A Million Little Things

These innovations are just part of what the team at Morrone, Kaye & Yucha calls their “million little things” patient commitment, a point of pride for all staff members.“We make it a point to provide more than just braces,” explains scheduling coordinator Lisa D’Avanzo. “We customize our service in every way.” That includes, among other things, bleaching for Invisalign patients, a power toothbrush for every patient in braces, supporting local sports teams and businesses, and a unique Rewards Card program for patient accountability. “Patients are given rewards points when they take care of their braces and trade those in for gift cards,” explains D’Avanzo. “It’s a fun way for our patients to be a part of their treatment; they really put pride and care into their braces." "We treat our patients beyond traditional care,” stresses Dr. Yucha. “We make the entire experience very personal, putting their needs, concerns and questions at the forefront. Parents aren’t able to come into the office right now, and that’s stressful, so we make sure that we keep information and patient care first, keeping everyone informed of what’s going on.”All of these million little things shine through in a team that is connected like a family, as each person takes pride in their practice in their own way. “It’s all about taking care of people,” says Dr. Kaye. “Comfort comes from understanding: It’s our job to make sure that our patients and their families are the most comfortable they can be.”

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